Future Internet Architectures Cluster

The Future Networks research will deliver the next generation of network technologies enabling smart connectivity for all, anywhere, at any time at the highest speed and efficiency so as to meet an overwhelming demand by today's society.  ICT infrastructures become the new "blood system" and most future services will be connected services. This is why we need to enable a very fast Future Internet and ensure the EU citizens and businesses that they can access and use the most advanced content and services they call for.

Excellent EU research results and industrial leadership in networking technologies are instrumental for Europe to be a front runner in developing and deploying timely and viable solutions for highly performing ICT infrastructures. This will help achieving a major promise of the Digital Agenda for Europe: ubiquitous access to broadband, supporting vital applications in our daily lives such as health, energy consumption, environment transport, entertainment or education to mention a few.

The aim of the Future Internet Architectures cluster is to enable and stimulate collaboration between ongoing projects in the cluster, more specifically:

1. explore synergies between ongoing projects. in the cluster
2. get to learn colleagues from other ongoing projects in the cluster
3. come up with joint visions and position papers
4. start collaborations. between
projects. in the cluster

We look forward to your contributions!