Future Internet Assembly (18-20/03/2014, Athens)

Today, one of the hottest topics of ICT is the integration of network and cloud fostered by virtualization at various layers. While virtualization of compute and storage resources has been advancing since many years, large scale network virtualization has just recently been enabled by software defined networking (SDN) and its use of network abstractions. Even more recently, fundamental network functions (not just subscriber data and control plane functions but also high touch packet processing functions) are candidates to migrate into the cloud.

The aim of the two half days workshops is to

  • Introduce standard organizations’ work related to network virtualization (ETSI NFV, ONF, IETF);
  • Discuss EU FP7 Projects’ visions and use-cases related to virtualization;
  • Give an overview about OpenDaylight and ON.lab’s ONOS – as controllers to virtualization;
  • Discuss in a panel how virtualization changes business models and the boundaries among players

Workshop on Network Virtualization - Part I 

Proponent Projects:

  • FP7 UNIFY, FP7 GreenICN

Workshop on Network Virtualization - Part II

Proponent Projects: